An Ayurvedic Path


An Ayurvedic Path Oracle Deck

An Ayurvedic Path Oracle Deck


An Ayurvedic Path Oracle Deck is an interactive tool composed of 65 beautifully illustrated cards along with a guidebook for in-depth explanations of each card. The purpose of this deck is to help get you in balance with life’s natural rhythm through Ayurvedic practices. Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine originating in India and is known as the “sister science” of yoga. This deck is categorized by the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Each element offers ways to create harmony in your life through lifestyle and self-care practices, reflective prompts, creative explorations, sensory therapies, and healthy eating guidelines.

Note from Creators: We deeply believe that we each know how to best take care of ourselves and what we need in order to thrive, these cards encourage you to step into the innate wisdom you carry.

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About the Artist:

Dina Kravtsov is the beautiful artist behind the deck.

Dina is an avid nature worshipper, wild-crafter, hospice nurse, art teacher & berry hunter. Her work combines inspiration from the plant world, inter-dimensional realities & the magic tucked away in everyday life. She uses a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, collage & mural work. Dina fell in love with Ayurveda several years ago & has been a devoted admirer ever since.

For more info on Dina’s work check out her website: